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1. Please keep your content PG-13 most of our users are around that age range, so in order to be fair and not taint our younger users minds, please keep cursing and other inappropriate issues off of the forum. This includes racist comments, excessive bad language and pornography. Most of our excessive words are now filtered, do not bypass this. Ignorance is not an excuse.

2. You are only allowed one account per person and will be kept in check through IP management. If you have another user in your household who uses your computer and this website, make sure the staff know this so we don't accidentally close your account.

2.1 You may not bypass IP bans or bans of any sorts. You may not ask others to send messages to other members on your behalf, or their account will be disabled, and further action may be taken depending on the severity.

3. Don't spam the forums. This includes but is not limited to the following instances:
-One word answers(Yah)
-Off topic answers
-Sending private PMs with useless links, comments, pictures or videos
-Spamming shoutbox with rubbish and not giving others a chance to talk

3.1 Advertising is not acceptable throughout the forums. Direct links to other sites may be trashed without warning. This is via PM, shoutbox or posts. Even hinting at it is not accepted (aka: "I'm going to host a contest on my website soon"). Get your own members!

4. Please treat all members of our community with respect. This includes not only forum members, but staff members, guests on the site, as well as Sam and Dan(whom without neither we would have these forums)

5. The discussion of hacking and scamming of Sam and Dan games is strictly prohibited in all forms on the forums. Sam and Dan frown upon the use of hacking/scamming/cheating for personal gain, and therefore it will result in an automatic ban.

6. Please do not mini-moderate. Mini moderation includes in trying to enforce the forum's rules when you are not a Staff Member. If you see another user misbehaving or doing something inappropriate, your best bet would be to alert a staff member of the wrong doing via pm or report the post/thread and we will handle it accordingly.

7. Please abide by all rules and regulations set by Zetaboards.com

*These rules are subject to change when necessary and were last updated April 04, 2012.

**These rules may not be completed, and therefore word of the staff team is final whether stated here or not.

***Admins may ban with or without reason. Reason or proof does not need to be provided on these forums. It's like if you go into someone's house, they can kick you out, right?

****Please report any posts or pms that breach any of these rules, it will make it a lot easier for staff members to rectify it and keep the community a more enjoyable place for all

Thanks for reading and understanding.
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